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Havenz is a lvl 90 guild located in New Halas and is family oriented, casual, and helpful to all members. Several members have been with the guild for years, and several have returned after an extended hiatus for a "game break".

We have intentionally "stripped down" this website to focus on calandar, quest help requests, crafting needed and basic rules.
Short history - Guild was originally the Spartans on Vox server. When playstyle changed to current format, name was changed to Haven (as a result of a guild vote) to more accurately portray membership. We moved from the most extravagant guildhall to a modest one (while retaining guild amenities) to supstantially reduce "rent". When Vox was combined with Nagafen, the server automatically added the "z" to our name.

Basic rules of conduct.
1) No swearing (an occasional slip is understandable).
2) No drama (includes bullying, name calling, stealing, freep spying, etc).
3) Be nice (or at least rule #2)
4) Participate by helping yourself and others improve and to have fun playing.
5) Utilize guild resources responsibly.
1) Bank is set up for people to use (not sell).
2) Feel free to utilize to your maximum allowance, by following short "use" rules on tabs.
3) Philosophy is for the guild members to utilize guild resources to improve themselves.
4) We have inserted a few measures for safety of guild resources, but require folks to abide by the simple rules.

Guild amenities
1) Guild covers 100% of repairs.
2) All forms of transportation.
3) Banker
4) Broker
5) Gardner
6) Mount speed buff
7) Flag
8) Dps buff or Elemental resist buff
9) Random consumable for xp, speed or foodstufs
10) Foodstuffs duration
11) Crafting buff
12) Creature conjorer/training dummies
13) Harvest box for crafting
and a few more

Please read player made books by banker.

Website was created to help folks "be in the loop" without being bombarded by ingame mail, so please utilize it.

Crafting needs
This website has the ability for you  to place an "order" of things you may need (ex. 90 Field Point Arrows), and a list of crafters.     

Groups and Events
We cannot know the needs of all members and their guild alts, and we like to help, so take a minute to let us know. Update your needs and keep your "flags" updated to let folks know if you have it completed already.

Guildmates who signed up, Guildmates, Alts not in Haven, non guildies - priority for groups/raids in that order.
If you wish to participate in an event, please sign up as early as possible, if things change you can always cancel.

Elite and/or Elm reserve the right to not show for any scheduled events that noone else has signed up for 1 hour prior to the event.                     

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